Located in northeast Elko County, NV, set in the heart of the beautiful Tecoma Valley, this property sits just outside of Montello, Nevada. Imagine yourself enjoying this ranch with its majestic mountain views, clean air and abundant sunshine! Tecoma Valley runs north to south and spans approx 25 miles. The Tecoma Valley and The Pilot Creek Valley adjoin to make one massive valley with the Pilot Range to the east and the stunning Toana Range and Murdock Mountain to the west, providing spectacular mountain views in all directions! The climate is characterized by warm dry days, cool nights and low yearly precipitation that ranges from 8 to 12 inches. The local vegetation consists of a wide variety of sagebrush and wild grasses. This portion of Nevada offers everything you're looking for in a Western getaway, yet has all the necessary amenities. With super low property taxes, NO state income tax and a booming economy...investing in Nevada is a smart and easy decision. Enjoy the unique pleasure of authentic Nevada/Western living and discover the gentle setting that awaits you.

010-36K-013 / 40.00 Acres in Elko County, Nevada

SKU: elk01036k013
  • Cash Price: $15,700.00

    Contract Price: $18,495.00
    Down Payment: $495.00
    Longest Term Length:$250.00 for 72 mo

*Shorter term length with higher monthly payments are avaliable upon request!