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Jeff Reese founded Reese Investment Properties, Inc. in 2005. Born and raised in Nevada, he has always loved the rugged mountains and high desert of this incredible state. In the last fifteen years, doing business as Nevada Investment Land, Jeff has become a top rated 5 Star eBay Power Seller with over a thousand positive feedbacks. He was invited to the eBay National Conference in Washington DC representing one of eBay’s top 200 Sellers in the United States. Jeff has helped hundreds of buyers to invest in Nevada! Jeff and his wife, Amy, have been married for 34 years and have two grown children, Bailey and Ben and two grandsons!

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Jeff Reese
Founder and Owner

Jeff will guide you through the entire purchase process. Whether you buy on eBay, through the website or from the referral of a friend, Jeff knows the land he is selling. He can help you find what you are looking for and answer any questions you may have about any property we have for sale. He is familiar with the nearby towns and cities, the highways and county roads that will lead you to your property and the neighboring areas. Jeff understands everyone has their own goals for their Nevada investment, some people are looking to move and to live on their land, some are just holding for investment and others to have a spot to recreate and relax. Whatever your reasons, Jeff can guide you in finding the best property to meet your goals and enjoy your investment. 

Amy Reese
CFO and Co-Owner

Amy will handle all the payments and paperwork after a sale has been completed. Cash Sales are easy. One payment, one deed sent off to the County and the property is transferred to your name. Land Contract purchases are just as easy, but take a bit longer. Amy will handle your down payment, send you a Land Contract outlining the terms of the Contract Sale and collect your monthly payments until you are paid in full. Once the purchase is complete, a deed is sent off to the County and the property is transferred to your name. In the interim, Amy is available by email to answer questions, let you know your balance, keep you current on property taxes and generally field any concerns that may arise during the term of the contract. 

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